True Sword Stops Unwanted Threats To Your Windows PC

True Sword Anti MalwareTrue Sword is designed to remove malware from your PC before it can damage your hard drive or transmit your personal information to scammers, putting you at risk of credit card fraud and identity theft. Malware takes many forms, including tracking cookies, browser hijackers, keystroke loggers, worms, Trojan horses, and system monitors.

Removing malware from your computer can save you from system crashes, which lead to pricey IT consultations, expensive computer repairs, or even replacing your desktop or laptop. It can also increase your browsing speed and make your PC run at optimum levels.

Positive reviews of True Sword claim that it can find and eliminate spyware that other similar programs can not. Even though the company doesn’t offer a free trial version, satisfied customers believe that the software is worth the cost of the protection it provides. They also highlight the fast scanning times as a wonderful trait.

Not all of the reviews are glowing, though. Some users complain that it lacks the pro-active defenses of similar programs, which can block potential infections before they install themselves on your PC. Other critics claim that this software is actually more of a security risk than a system stabilizer.

TrueSword also loses points for the unsatisfied customers who claimed the program crashed their system. Some of them reported that the company refused to refund them for the damage it did to their system. Several users also accused the software of being a shield for Trojan horse files, and that other anti-spyware programs flagged the download as dangerous.

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