Red Snap Registry Cleaner – Is It Worth It?

Reg Snap Registry CleanerReg Snap is one of those registry cleaners you hear about. They are created to find and fix errors in the PC registry. Registries are accessed hundreds of times per second. It’s a vital element of the PC’s function. Errors in the registry result in a sluggish system and repetitive computer crashes.

Amongst all the registry cleaners listed…I stumbled upon Reg Snap. I found it intriguing because instead of claiming to be a registry cleaner…it is called a Registry Analyzer, Registry Tracer. I wasn’t sure what they meant but was drawn to it because it was different than the rest.

Basically…RegSnap is a tool for individuals who have errors in their registry. It helps you analyze changes that have been made to the registry. It gathers snapshots of the registry files and lets users compare them. HTML reports are generated. Backups are created. The use of RegSnap seems to be an introduction for Reg Snap Pro.

There’s a free trial version (30-day limit) but it doesn’t provide full functionality. Full functionality is restored after the software is paid for in full. The software is compatible with Windows 95/98/Me or NT 4.0/Windows- 2000/XP/2003.

I was glad that this was tried then buy software. I tried it. And I felt that it was way over my head. I’m not an imbecile, but I’m not an expert at this stuff either. While the basic layout and list of features seemed fairly accessible…I wasn’t sure that the program would be adequate in combination with my limited knowledge of registries and registry cleaning.

This might be a fabulous tool for an advanced user. Advanced users would know what other programs to work into the front and back end in order to fulfill all the needs of a complete registry cleaning. But without the expert knowledge of an IT guy sitting next to me, I am positive that I wouldn’t get the full measure of this program. I’m also positive that my limited knowledge would limit the success of the program in cleaning my registry and optimizing my system’s function.

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