How To Promote A Gaming Startup On Social Media

Promoting Gaming Company On Social MediaDo not be afraid to sell yourself and promote your project and, to begin with, social networks offer us an easy, fast and not very expensive way to do it. We are going to give you some basic and easy to understand guidelines so you can start as soon as possible.

Managing communication through social media is not something quick or simple, we must raise it in the medium term and it requires many hours of dedication, only in this way we will achieve the objectives.

Planning a Social Media strategy

You have to know what you want to achieve with social networks: get more downloads of a project, promote your studio, encourage loyalty … think about real goals, I like it or RTs do not pay payroll, it’s about how to bring clients to your web, app or store.

Then we must define well who we are going to. We must take into account the age range, sex, demographic place, social level, cultural level. The public of an adult science fiction shooter is not the same as a game application company of puzzles for casual gamers.

Investigate your competition in social networks, what content they offer, how their followers interact, what time they post their posts, etc. Collect all that information and analyze it calmly.

Take some time to think about how to structure your content by categories: tricks, offers, study inside, humor, news … You can not only talk about your product, you also have to offer interesting content for your clients. You can talk about Sci-Fi movies, comics, etc. It’s about having a conversation with them, not just spamming with your game.

To find the balance you can design an editorial plan like this: 5 posts a week composed of 2 with product information, 1 with tricks of use to know better, 1 with anecdotes from the study and 1 humor. If you do not have much content 1 post a day, resting the weekend, it is more than enough.

The importance of images on social networks

The images have a primordial role to attract attention. They have to have good quality and be attractive, also their style must be according to our company or game.

Look for clean images do not add much text or many logos. Work always thinking about the proportions of each social network. In Facebook, they are currently 1: 1 squares but on Twitter, the ratio is 2: 1. The sizes of the images for the social networks vary in each update, you will have to be very attentive to the correct sizes. Always save them in the .png format because they will look better.

Call to action through the text

The estimated reading time for each post is 2-3 seconds that is why it is necessary to choose the precise words and use a clear and direct language. The rest of the information has to be on the blog or corporate website.

The Call to Action or Call to Action is the most important part of the message because it causes the client to passively pass to an active mode. It has to be very direct, in an interrogative, exclamatory and imperative tone, for example: participate! I want to attend! Find out, and what do you think? Etc.

Do not use a very formal language because the user will perceive it as impersonal. The ideal is a colloquial but correct language and, above all, without spelling mistakes or abbreviations, what are you not in WhatsApp!

Analysis and statistics on social media

It is necessary to make an analysis of the post published to see what days and hours have worked best. You have to measure the reach obtained and the interactions (I like it, comments, share, clicks on the link, etc.). Thus, little by little, we will know which content is the one that most appeals to our audience and we will be able to adapt our communications to obtain greater success.

But the most important thing is to know how many people have visited the web of your product from social networks, or how many people have signed up for an event. Remember that you cannot eat the ‘likes’, just the conversions.


In recent years Facebook has been cutting more and more the reach of business pages, so if you want to achieve good results you have to go through the box. The same on Twitter.

The content of the post promoted (pay to reach more public) should be the most important we want to tell. We will promote a type of post whose formula has already worked to ensure that success is total.

On Facebook, you can promote a post with € 5 for 3 days to get more than an extra 40% in the scope, which is affordable costs. Non-promoted content is usually called organic reach.

To finish, we recommend the tool that we use, which is Hootsuite, which allows you to manage several social networks in one place, a must!

We hope that these tips will help you when managing your networks. Luck!





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